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Pultruded FRP Composites

Pultruded composite sections can be used to design and install lightweight, corrosion-resistant and electrically non-conductive alternatives to steel structures, particularly where speed and ease of construction are important. Pultruded FRP has performance characteristics similar to other construction metals, but unlike steel, it is EM/RF transparent and doesn’t disrupt equipment signals.

Our supply chain includes the world’s largest pultruded material supply company, which allows us to remain agile in solving the problem at hand while benefiting from economies of scale and case history.  An immense portfolio of material characterization data enables Advantic engineers to deliver reliable and optimized structural design, so asset owners can rest assured they are meeting project requirements without waste or unnecessary conservatism.



Reinforcing fibers are saturated with resin and pulled through a heated die to form a part, which results in straight, constant cross-section profiles similar to standard steel shapes.


Pound-for-pound stronger than steel. Comparable structural performance to other metals such as aluminum, but without the conductivity, corrosion or impact limitations.

  • Will not leach into the environment or crack and wear like coated/treated steel, concrete and wood
  • Resistant to a broad range of chemical and aqueous environments that cause rust and rot
  • Will not introduce galvanic corrosion in the presence of other metallic building materials
  •   ASTM Value (FRP)
    Thermal conductivity C177 4 BTU-in/ft2/hr/°F
    Arc resistance D495 120 seconds
    Dielectric strength D149 35 KV/in
    Can be painted, coated or pigmented during manufacture for little-to-no maintenance in highly aggressive environments

    Designed for UV performance

    Enables rapid cleaning with aggressive solvents at high pressures
    Meets industry requirements for durability, smoothness, absorbency, color, corrosion resistance and washability

    Product Forms

    • Structural profiles and plates
    • Decking and planking
    • Platforms, stairs, ladders and cages
    • Handrails, guarding and kickplates
    • Grating and gridmesh
    • Bridge components
    • Structural building panels
    • Sheet piling and round pile
    • Containment systems
    • Ballistic and storm panels
    • Connection hardware

    The Bottom Line

    Pultruded FRP composites are ideal for structural elements where:

    • Strong, lightweight structural performance is required
    • Corrosion affects steel or other metallic structural members
    • Installation speed is important to overall project economy
    • Prefabrication enables rapid construction
    • Recurring maintenance costs of conventional steel drive up operating expenses
    • Cost or performance of stainless steel or other exotic alloys is prohibitive
    • RF permeability is critical
    • Low thermal or electrical conductivity is paramount

    Pultruded FRP can be designed to easily work in conjunction with other construction materials to create an optimal cost-to-benefits outcome.

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