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Where corrosion, degradation and conductivity can cause serious maintenance and life safety issues, our suite of composite alternatives reduces or eliminates common maintenance costs, life safety issues and extends the life of infrastructure.

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Over time, conventional, reinforced concrete degrades and corrodes due to environmental exposure, which requires costly and disruptive maintenance to repair. Composites not only offer better corrosion resistance than conventional concrete, they can weigh up to 75 percent less while providing comparable or much improved tension and compression strength.

Cast polymers are the lightest of our alternatives—so light, in fact, that we can often pre-assemble large sections that can be lifted by crews without the help of expensive and dangerous overhead equipment.

Proprietary polymer concrete formulations, while heavier than our cast polymers, are a great alternative for underground utility vaults and trenches, as they are not susceptible to alkaline corrosion and have no permeability issues.

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Pultruded composite sections can be used to design and install a lightweight, corrosion-resistant and electrically non-conductive alternative to steel structures, particularly where speed and ease of construction are important. Unlike steel, pultrusions are EMI/RFI transparent and don’t disrupt equipment signals.

We partner with Strongwell—the world’s largest pultrusion company and a recognized technical leader in the industry—which allows us to remain agile in solving the problem at hand while benefiting from their economies of scale and immense case history. Strongwell is globally recognized for high-quality products, which includes an immense portfolio of material characterization to enable reliable and optimized structural design, so asset owners can rest assured they are meeting project requirements without waste or unnecessary conservatism.

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A painful expectation in asset ownership is that all infrastructure tends to degrade and, if untreated, ultimately fails. Remediation is often costly in terms of both capital and time. Properly designed composite materials afford options in tailorability and custom fitment in ways that conventional materials cannot. For remediation in aggressive environments, we employ fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites as a differentiating tool in the remedial toolkit. Designed using an advanced analysis tool, FRP structural remediation approaches can be developed to allow us to tailor strength and stiffness to achieve target performance.

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