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Don’t get a bigger hammer. Get better delivery.

One of the greatest opportunities to realize significant bottom line savings with a composite solution is in construction. Lightweight, high-strength composite systems are often installed with an efficient modular construction approach and minimal comparative labor requirements.

Advantic’s engagement on a construction project will vary depending on labor and economic requirements, but typically takes one of two forms:

  • Project Management: We’ll send skilled an installation supervision to deliver direction and knowhow, and provide all specialist tools, equipment and consumables. Labor of installation will be provided skillfully by your local tradesperson.
  • Total Construction Delivery: Advantic will provide a complete installation team to handle all aspects of shop drawing review, installation, field adjustments and in-house engineering support.

Regardless of how we partner, our teams abide by core values of Safety, Craftsmanship and People.

Composite Construction

Successful and high-quality composite construction requires different skills and methods than building with conventional materials. Without an understanding of the opportunities and limits of these systems, a traditional contractor may revert to a tedious process of RFI’s and conservatism, which ultimately affects the project bottom line.

Advantic’s construction installation teams integrate in a project early, and can manage rapid delivery by working seamlessly with the project engineers, material suppliers and construction project management. We know construction, so you can be confident that we’ll manage the details.

 Composite Field Fabrication

As a cost-reduction measure, Advantic seeks to shop fabricate as much as the project will allow. However, some components and equipment are best fabricated on-site, especially when considerations for existing or unknown as-built conditions are required. Further, shipment costs may be prohibitive for fully assembled structures, and field fabrication may be required.

Whether in the shop or the field, Advantic craftsmen are trained and prepared to design and deliver the best composite fabrication approach for your project.

Composite Maintenance and Repair

Change in use. Fork truck incident. Overly ambitious intern. Planned or unplanned, maintenance and repair of composite systems require a team that not only understands the materials, but also the engineering design intent, methods of manufacture, and efficient methods of remediation for composite structures.

Advantic’s professional construction staff will rapidly assess, evaluate and return to service composite systems quickly and with minimal downtime. And with the backing of Advantic’s engineering and fabrication divisions, you have one point of contact ready to respond across the entire supply chain.

Turnkey Capability