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About Us

We make composites easy.

Composite materials offer incredible value to customers battling some of the most challenging aspects of infrastructure construction and maintenance. Our goal is to make composites easy to work with for people who build.

Based in Dayton, Ohio, USA, Advantic was birthed as a solutions company predicated on the innovative materials and composite design expertise of Cornerstone Research Group. It is our mission to solve the problems faced by conventional construction materials in high-performance environments where corrosion can wreak havoc on infrastructure. We aren’t simply a supplier who pairs you up with someone else’s product. We are a turnkey service provider with the capabilities to design to your requirements, fabricate and kit composite solutions for ease of construction, and provide construction services from project advisement through total installation.

We recognize that advanced materials are often perceived to come at a cost premium. Our practice is to provide an early business case analysis to evaluate the total installed and lifecycle costs to help us determine if advanced materials are a good fit. Time is valuable; we don’t want to waste yours or ours.

Composites don’t replace all conventional construction materials. But when intelligently integrated, they are an indispensable tool that can deliver incredible economic and performance opportunities for infrastructure owners around the world.

Our Team


Advantic’s professional structural engineers together with our top caliber talent pool are currently redesigning conventional construction. We are creating and implementing disruptive technologies in the construction field that consist of yielding high-performing, advanced materials structures.

Tapping a wealth of resources.

“We’re looking to help the building and construction markets understand their opportunities in advanced materials.”


Work At Advantic

We hire structural, engineering and materials innovators who are ready to directly impact the future of construction. If you believe you would be a good fit for our team, we encourage you to apply for one of the open positions listed below.