Take Corrosion out of the Equation

We offer turnkey, design-build composite solutions—from structural design through installation and maintenance—for the extraction, industrial processing, and marine industries.

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Who We Help



It’s a dirty business that takes its toll on structures and equipment. There’s no time to halt operations to repair infrastructure when corrosion and degradation start to set in. We can evaluate your infrastructure plans and engineer solutions to best fit your needs. You can then focus on other operational and engineering tasks while we do the “heavy” lifting.



Even though most of your operations may occur inside a controlled facility, your structures take a beating from environmental exposure and daily operations. And budgets can take a serious hit from maintenance due to corrosion after a few short years. We evaluate your infrastructure needs, make technical and business recommendations that leverage composite solutions and even perform the installation.



When your clients have an existing structure that needs remediation or you’re facing a complicated structural issue that can’t be solved through traditional measures, we are a trusted partner who can steer you to the greatest-value remedial solution.

Turnkey Capability

We understand composites are often unfamiliar territory for general contractors and facility owners. That’s why we don’t sell products; we offer turnkey services—from engineering through construction, and everything in between. Learn more.

Why Advantic?

Technical Assurance

The structural engineering, fabrication and installation of composites is what we do. Our team has engineered thousands of structures with composite and conventional materials and will advise best value solutions for each individual business case. And if composites don’t make sense for your needs, we’ll tell you that, too.

Ease of Implementation

Because of their light weight (typically 25 to 75 percent lighter than competing traditional materials), composites benefit from reduced transportation costs and are often installed without the need for heavy equipment. We typically pre-assemble larger pieces before shipping to your site. All of this means faster installations with fewer ancillary costs. Further, Advantic specializes in the detailing of composite connections with conventional construction materials. Intelligent design leads to rapid installation and excellent long-term performance.

Business Justification

Composite systems can be more expensive than conventional commodity construction materials; however, our customers realize immediate savings in reduced labor cost and shorter construction duration, and long-term savings in greatly reduced maintenance costs. On every project, we evaluate your situation and create a transparent business case to justify moving forward with Advantic. Regardless of economics, you will always walk away with comfort in knowing you have a trustworthy partner in Advantic.

Case Studies

Gold Mine Stockpile Cover

Advantic Delivers 20 Years in 12 Days

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

Structural performance unachievable with conventional materials.

Partner Inquiries

We partner with composite material providers and construction companies when it is advantageous to our customers to deliver scalable value. If you have a product or construction solution that would partner well with our offerings, please contact us today at info@advanticllc.com or through our contact form.